Healthy eating Tip–Pico de Gallo FTW

I am a lazy cook. I delight in eating cooking, however don’t have 2 hours to chop veggies or make sauces from scratch. So, I am all about the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade style of cooking. I recognize you ought to be cautious with this because benefit foods can add unnecessarily processed components into your meal. Yes, I understand everything.

But in some cases they are just that – convenient!
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One of my preferred prepared made foods to purchase as well as cook with is salsa or pico de gallo.

I utilize jarred salsa for enchiladas, crockpot salsa chicken, mixing it with beans as well as more!

And pico de gallo opens a whole new set of possibilities. It’s essentially just finely chopped tomatoes, onions as well as cilantro. in some cases it has jalapenos. I might never chop veggies this finely so I feel such as this is fancier than my huge ol’ pieces of tomato.

Add pico to salads (even if it’s not a Mexican style salad – I promise it works)

I likewise utilize it in omelets or scrambles.

Most of the time I utilize prepared made pico de gallo for my guacamole too! I will never be able to dice veggies that fine (without a trip to the emergency room) so it’s additional practical for a meal where you requirement teeny small pieces.

add some lime as well as spices as well as you’re great to go.

Today is national Tequila Day – are you celebrating?

I’m not enabled to celebrate because Jose Cuervo makes me put on as well much makeup as well as try to dance in heels I can’t even walk in. Plus, he got my BFF pregnant. Kinda.

Got any type of great utilizes for pico de gallo to share?



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