39% Kickboxing Injury rate revealed in 15 Year NSAC record review

note – The below findings likely exclude concussions which appear to be “significantly underreported” with the authors noting that 40% of contests end in KO/TKO and concussions are likely in lots of of these bouts.  In other words, the study finds there is a 39% reported injury rate in kickboxing bouts in addition to the likely brain trauma that comes from bouts ending in KO/TKO


In the current safety study addressing combat sports, professional and amateur kickboxing records were examined revealing 39% injury rate for competitors.

In the recent study, titled Injuries to professional and Amateur Kickboxing Contestants, published this month in the Orthopaedic Journal of sports Medicine, the authors obtained and examined data describing fight outcomes and injuries sustained during professional and amateur kickboxing contests over a 15-year period from the official records of the Nevada athletic Commission.

The records revealed an overall Camiseta Palmeiras injury incidence rate of 390.1 injuries per fighter Camiseta SC Braga per 1000 contests.

The data additionally showed that professional fighters were 2.5 times a lot more likely to get injured compared with amateurs.

The a lot of frequently injured anatomic regions were the head (57.8%) and lower extremity (26.1%), while the most common types of injury were laceration (70.6%) and Camiseta Gamba Osaka fracture (20.6%).

The full study can be found here – Injuries to professional and Amateur Kickboxing Contestants

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