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I have been a big big fan of Ruby because I first saw her reality show a few years back. I don’t know why it really struck a Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Serbia cord with me, but I adore her. She had a show a few years back that documented her life in the South and weight loss. Ruby was always open about her struggles on the show and worked with a trainer, dietician and therapist (<- very essential for some people’s journey). (source) MY newest VIDEOS 4 minute lower Body workout for Runners Five lower Body exercises for Runners! try this quick strength workout at home for your legs, hips and glutes. No equipment needed. Glute Bridge Donkey Kicks - alternate sides Clamshells - alternate sides Get much more info on RunEatRepeat.com More Videos 0 seconds of 4 minutes, 49 seconds Next Up Before We Were Strangers Review 09:42 Live 00:00 08:21 04:49   I was recently contacted by her publicist with an offer to speak with her. Um, I was so excited! I am a substantial fan and supporter of her healthy living journey so I jumped at it. Ruby had a bit of a set back when her brother died last year and gained some of the weight she lost back. now she is doing the 90 day Visalus challenge in an effort to lose a lot of lbs quick style. She’s also currently training for a triathlon in March. She’s working up to do a 1 mile walk, 1 mile bike and 1 mile hike in LA. (I’ll be back with details on this if local readers want to come out and participate or watch!!!) Ruby struggled with her weight because she was a child so we chatted a lot about that. Ruby: “My mother was incredible, but she was an enabler. I was 300 pounds at the age of 15. She let me eat whatever i wanted to eat. That is so bad for you… eventually it will kill you.” Monica: “What can we do to help avoid kids from becoming overweight?” Ruby: “They have Pizza Hut and fast food in school. Please don’t have junk in your home. A child is going to get whatever is there. If you have an apple or an orange or a cookie  – what are you going to choose? I think we ought to eat healthy around children. don’t beat them up. Don’t tell them they’re fat. Don’t make their self esteem go any lower than it is. I know a lot of parents try to compensate, they feel guilty for working or being busy. I know a lot of parents want to make their kids feel happy. But, we have to take back control. You’re going to hurt them later in life.” Monica: “When did you start dieting?” Ruby: “In high school we would go to get fast foods. I was the one getting bigger, I wasn’t an outcast. I felt like I belonged with my friends. but when i first got my first crush at 16, he said ‘I like you but you need to lose some weight.’ I did try to. I tried every diet out there. but the quick fix, that doesn’t work.” Monica: “Where are you now on the journey?” Ruby: “When my mother died and the show it broke my heart. It was a year February 8. I lost all control. I gained back to 398. I made up my mind October 11th Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Portugal and went to my trainer. I was ready to change. It’s not about being the ideal 10 or a ideal person. I just want to be  able to do what Iwant to do. If I want to ride a roller coaster I can. Today I am 352! I weighed in 2 weeks ago.”

Monica: “Do you have any suggestions for people struggling with their weight loss?”

Ruby: “It’s so essential to write down what you Camiseta Montpellier HSC eat. I know people use spark people or my fitness pal. Whatever I eat, I a going to write it down. I am  going to have to burn it.”

Monica: “What are you eating these days?”

Ruby: “If I want something sweet I make these protein muffins that are on my Pinterest.”  <- I’ll try to find the recipe for you guys, but I don’t have it now. Ruby DVD season One Giveaway – To enter Leave a comment with what you are eating for lunch today. Open to residents of the us and Canada. closes 2/14/13 at 8pm PST.   Winner of the Applebee’s Giveaway: (email me and I’ll send you the gift card) Winner of the Theragesic Giveaway: (the company will contact you for info) GRAND prize WINNER: Lauren Clark RUNNER UP: Adrienne Graves & RUNNER UP: Patty Thomas ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin ShareMail Share keep choosing these: new bold Bites Snack by Foster Farms new bold Bites Snack by Foster Farms I’m trying the new Foster Farms bold Bites snacks! These are a new food find and I just so happened to have found them AFC half Marathon Race recap and Photos AFC half Marathon Race recap and Photos America's Finest City (San Diego) half Marathon Race results and Recap. AFC half Marathon photos. Running in Macros 101 with Tina from Carrots N Cake - 137 Macros 101 with Tina from Carrots N Cake - 137 Run eat Repeat Podcast 137 Macros 101 with Carrots N Cake author Tina Haupert. What runners ought to eat to run faster and Weight Loss, Watermelon and weekend Updates with Diego Weight Loss, Watermelon and weekend Updates with Diego how to love yourself while you improve yourself. Body positivity while losing weight or going after a goal. suggestions on how Running is the best way to lose Weight BUT... Running is the best way to lose Weight BUT... how to lose weight running and delight in the journey. suggestions for losing weight with running. how to delight in running and feel goo change Tuesday-Reminder before you compare change Tuesday-Reminder before you compare Reminder: My change took years. remember that before you compare yourself to me or anybody else. I started runnin ⚡ by shareaholic .

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