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I’m finishing up my last relay publish as well as wanted to check in with a food post. keep in mind when I said I was going to do a full day of eats in one publish more often? keep in mind exactly how I didn’t truly do that since I’m not a special snowflake, I’m just a… flake?
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Well, right here it is.

I knew I had a great deal of work to catch up since I had missed Thursday as well as Friday for the relay race so I skipped the gym as well as took a quick morning walk as exercise.

A quick breakfast was in buy too – cereal…

eggs as well as great deals o’ iced coffee.

Mid-morning I snacked on The just Bar. The business sent me a variety pack to try while I was gone. I love the nutrition stats on these – it’s difficult to discover 16g of protein for 160 calories.

I had to hit the store during lunch since we were out of fruit as well as veggies. I didn’t want to shop hungry so I grabbed a handful of nuts (TWSS!).

When I got back I threw together a quick salad as well as polished off the Manager’s special watermelon find.

Midafternoon I was dragging as well as had one more iced coffee with my PB&J.

I had one client at the gym tonight as Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Marruecos well as snacked on some Pirate’s Booty as well as a few chips while making dinner.

I made Oriental Slaw Salads with chicken. The huge bundle of Camiseta Cruz Azul Slaw mix with dressing, crunchies as well as almonds was on sale at the store. I mixed that up as well as topped it with chicken. dinner is done.

I Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Ecuador gotten these Godiva pearls from the flight terminal yesterday as well as they’re delicious. super rich dark chocolate in a little sphere – they’re like chocolate chips however more decadent.

I was hoping Ben would be down for some fro-yo however I think the chocolate will have to suffice as dessert tonight.

I’m finishing up my RTB publish so you can all discover out if I freaked out once again on my last leg as well as peed myself. You’re welcome.



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