Blue Apron discount Code – Gluten complimentary night & Meatless Monday

I scored with another great week of Blue Apron meals and I have a Camiseta Olympique Marseille discount code for you to take pleasure in the dinners too! Bonus: considering that I’m trying to eat vegetarian this month I requested no red meat or pork in my meals. I ended up with a pescatarian dish (that I believe is also gluten free) and a vegetarian dish. Perfect!

I cooked the Mexican Shrimp Fried Rice first considering that I wanted to prepare the shrimp when it was still freshly delivered.
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This prep was pretty easy considering that you don’t really have to ‘fuss’ with rice. I just started it and then concentrated on chopping the veggies. The avocado was my favorite part (always is) and it was perfectly ripe. Love.

I personally wouldn’t call this dish ‘fried rice’ because to me fried rice has to have an egg cracked in it. But, I would call it Spanish Rice for sure. This is very similar to how my mommy cooks Spanish rice – but fancier!

Pro tip: When you are cooking Mexican food make sure you have a margarita near by. It’s the only way it will be authentic. #science

Just maybe wait until you’re done chopping to sip…

The Mexican Shrimp Fried Rice recipe came together incredibly quickly. I really took pleasure in this one. (Note: The meal’s main ingredients seem gluten free, but I don’t know what was in the spice mix so I can’t be sure that was g-free. The pasta dish below was absolutely not gluten free.)

Bonus: I really appreciated that this meal was made with brown rice. Blue Apron uses a lot Camiseta Feyenoord of  vegetarian and healthy looking options on the recipe page.

Side note: dessert was this big ol’ fancy chocolate cake that Ben gotten all for me! I think someone is trying to get my love and knows exactly the price

I shared a piece, but claimed all the dark chocolate on top for myself.

The second meal was spring Strozzapreti Pasta. This was the vegetarian dish that I made for “Meatless Monday”. I have never had strozzapreti pasta before, it’s not a shape of pasta I’ve even seen at the store but I loved it.

I very rarely make sauces from scratch, but I love how Blue Apron taught me how to make a basic cream sauce with this dish. They give you all the ingredients and the steps in buy and before you know it “Boom!” I just made a fancy pasta sauce all by myself.

One of my favorite things about Blue Apron is that some recipes give you a cooking 101 lesson in different types of cuisine. I’m not incredibly familiar with Italian cooking, so I appreciated learning to make a cream sauce. There’s everything from Jambalaya to  Lamb Gyros to Moo Shu Vegetables on their recipe page! love it.

Want seconds? check out my last Blue Apron dinners post with two different meals.

Blue Apron Discount

The first 50 RER readers to sign up will receive two complimentary meals! just click here to get started. <- – Enjoy! Question: What did you have for dessert last night? What did you have for dinner? Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. All opinions are my own. Blue Apron did NOT say these meals were vegetarian or gluten free, that is my opinion of the ingredients. ​ ​ SEND ME THE WORKBOOK Save Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin Share Mail Share

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