Christmas Tree Cheese Platter–Easy Appetizer as well as Centerpiece with genuine California Dairy

simple Christmas Tree Cheese Platter – household friendly holiday appetizer!

Being born as well as increased in southern California I’ve never experienced a ‘white Christmas.’ however I’m a warm weather condition woman with as well as through, so I’ll happily miss out on that experience. I just can’t associate to somebody blissfully standing outside looking up at snow gingerly falling down… they commonly do a sluggish spin, smiling up at the small white dusting.
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Not for me… wait, not for me Camiseta Montpellier HSC unless those bit white flakes are really CHEESE.

Yes. These are the type of things I believe about – I envision cheese raining down from the sky as well as I dance around. It’s silly since snow can’t be cheese… right?

Well… it’s Christmas time as well as miracles do happen… so perhaps it can! If you believe – anything is possible!

And I believe.

So, I made a Christmas Tree Cheese Platter with genuine California Dairy. as well as even though it doesn’t snow Camiseta Ajax in my lil’ corner of California – I discovered a method to make some ‘snow’ out of one of my preferred cheeses!

How to Make a Christmas Tree Cheese Plate

Note – this can be a little appetizer or significant centerpiece. Make it according to your needs as well as the number of guests you’re serving. These are the components you’ll requirement – however amounts are as much as you.


Broccoli – chopped

Real California Sharp Cheddar – cut into little cubes

Real California Monterrey Jack – cut into little cubes

Real California Cotija cheese (may be found near the refrigerated Hispanic foods)

Crackers or chips

Grape Tomatoes, Carrots or Bell Peppers


On a big platter – arrange broccoli in a big tree shape. Leave 2 sections a bit sparse – these will be for the cheese cubes.

fill in the 2 open sections with the cheese.

add additional veggies as ‘ornaments’ – grape tomatoes, sliced carrots, bell peppers slices as garland. spread crackers around the bottom.

Crumble Cotija cheese as well as sprinkle everything around the tree totally covering the platter.


Tip: get additional so you can refill the tree as your guests begin chopping away at it.

California is house to more than 1,300 dairy farms as well as 99% of those are household owned.  Remember to look for the genuine California Milk seal when buying for holiday recipes for your household as well as friends.

Question:  Would you rather dance around in snow or cheese?

RER: On second thought… I’m a bit worried about getting it out of my hair!

This publish is sponsored by genuine California Dairy. All opinions are my own. #savortheseason #CADairy #Holidairy


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