Colin Is Coming and I Don’t understand It

Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going pretty great, bbbuuuuttt there is Mr. Colin the tropical storm headed into town.

Being from California I don’t really understand rain or storms or anything about being inconvenienced by weather.
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So, yeah I don’t know if I must get food or take cover or cry or get an umbrella or head back to my drought ridden homeland. Boo.

I will freely admit I have a long list of flaws. LONG. very long.

And one of my worst traits is that I am not able to survive (with a smile) in inclement weather. I mostly die when it’s cold. but anytime I cannot run I am very depressed and cranky and overall unpleasant to be around. It’s a problem. but mostly a problem for the people around me, not you so don’t judge me too harshly. Thanks.

Luckily today I was able to run without any rain!! actually the weather incredibly cooperated and I got in 14 miles this morning!! It was incredibly overcast and windy but the cloudy day is so much better than the sun beating down.

Yesterday I had to run incredibly early because we were renting a boat for the morning. I set my alarm for 5:45am — which is 2:45am California time. It was rough. The things I do for running. I had time for 6 slow miles before the boat day.

I got back showered, made a quick protein shake and completely bathed in sunblock to head out.

Ben was the captain of the ship and was committed to go down with it must we face an Camiseta Manchester United iceberg or something.

He’s doing Camiseta Eintracht Frankfurt my favorite Run eat Repeat pose. Ha!

Fuel for the journey…

I’ve been living off of donuts and watermelon. That’s kind of balanced, right?

As I was working at the table Ben pertained to sit down next to me with this as his lunch: a sandwich and a donut slathered in Nutella.

A few weeks ago I sent him an anonymous Potato – it’s a thing where you pay to have a potato anonymously sent to someone with a message written on it. He knew immediately it was me. Ha! Anyway, his mommy kept it to bring to holiday so we could eat it?! a lot more Ha!! Thanks?

(It’s another thing I got from Groupon )

Question: who would you send an anonymous potato?

Can any individual give me a ride back to California through a tropical Storm? Thanks.



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