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I’ve been having bad dreams about cats battling and breaking glass and it cutting me and all that jazz. It’s less than fantastic. The good news is I am up bright dark and early to run!
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But early morning running is DARK. and scary. (Oddly, I’m afraid of the dark but not of making a deceive of myself on the internet. I must get my priorities straight.)


On Friday I ran before the sun was up and wore my headlamp. I got some questions on what headlamp I wear to run. this one is actually pretty fancy! I got it as a gift for Christmas and it’s waterproof so you can wear it while swimming or diving – isn’t that crazy?!

I love that because I sweat like a beast so I don’t worry about my sweat breaking it. I have the UK Vizion LED Headlamp. I put it on over my visor and it doesn’t bounce at all!

Running gear need to Haves in the Dark:

Headlamp – the one I have ideal now is the UK Vizion LED Headlamp. It’s $33.31 which is absolutely worth it for safety purposes hello.

Bright Running clothes – dress like you want to be identified by people in airplanes. Head to toe the brighter the better.

My favorite bright gear includes: ProCompression socks, and Brooks Nightlife Vest – which is also great for cooler weather.

Reflective gear – If it is pitch black bright gear isn’t enough.

I like this Reflective Vest because it’s very minimal – just like wearing reflective tape in an X on your body. Like, Don’t hit this X!!!!!! Thanks.

If you want to feel like you’re at a rave instead of a run you can try these LED light up Gloves. They’re like 5 bucks so I doubt they’ll work for long, but it’s kinda Camiseta Atletico Madrid awesome.

Planned route – plan the safest running route possible. I normally like to run on bike/running paths but in the early morning they are incredibly dark. So, I run around neighborhoods with street lights.

Also – make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you’ll be back. If you live alone text a friend or family member before and after your run.

ID – Always. safety third first.

Question: What time of day do you run? Early, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon??



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