Ice cream in Season?

I like Camiseta Bayer 04 Leverkusen ice cream. much more than you do. A great deal more. Seriously. But, I typically cut back when it gets cold. I believed it was getting close to ice cream season being over, however today was good as well as warm! So, I was craving ice cream!! I made a very elegant brownie sundae with banana soft serve, 1/2 VitaTop, granola as well as choc syrup.

I brought a different snack to work today – Camiseta Kashima Antlers can you tell what’s in my bit tupperware???
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Review of Jessica Simpson’s new book – open Book. The singer as well as entrepreneur spills tricks as well as behind the scenes surprises all in her memoir.

Review of the Audible book – Jessica Simpson reads it herself! plus there are reward tunes when you get the audio version!

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It’s a difficult boiled egg ? For some reason I have been craving difficult boiled eggs (?). I typically chalk that as much as my body telling me I requirement much more protein.

I’m not typically huge on things like eggs or string cheese, however I am going to be trying to make a bigger effort to get much more protein as I am Mary training ?

Dinner was leftovers from last night – ww pasta with chickpeas (pasta covered with olive oil, salt, parm as well as cooked up with an egg).

Also 1/2 piece of bread. I made it for Ben, however I cannot withstand toast!

Ben as well as I went to Joann’s for our Halloween costumes tonight! We are not extremely crafty. But, we are extremely poor. So, making our own costumes is the plan.

Any guesses as to what we’re going to be???



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